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Why you should always shop for multiple Roofing Estimates!


  Choosing the best Roofing Contractor in Philadelphia to replace or repair a Roof can be stressful and sometimes even overwhelming.  The average home owner in need of Roofing services is rarely educated about Roofing, and this lack of expertise can be stressful since replacing or repairing a roof can sometimes be costly.  It is perfectly normal to naturally feel uneasy when making such a big purchase for a service that you don’t necessarily understand all of the details of what goes into the service that you are paying for.  Questions may arise such as: Am I being over charged?  Does the contractor provide top quality service? Do I actually need this service? Is the company trustworthy? What am I actually paying for? The list of questions/worries can be endless.  These are questions that any sane individual will naturally ask their selves when making such a big purchase. Since exterior home improvement such as Roofing and Siding is not a service that you will be making on a periodical basis it is very important to do your research and get multiple opinions from multiple service providers.  With so many contractors to choose from its important that you are not being sold on unnecessary service.  Maybe all you need is a small repair (low cost) verses a full replacement / installation (larger cost). With so many roofing contractors to choose from in the Philadelphia Area it leaves customers vulnerable to being taking advantage of.

For these reasons it is very important to get multiple Roofing Consultations & Estimates.  Say for instance you get an estimate from “Generic Roofing Co” and they give you an estimate for a full roof replacement totaling $5,700 and provide very little detail on the actual service that is being provided. Now let’s say you call “Peak Roofing & Siding Co” (or another roofing contractor) and they tell you that there is some isolated damage that requires a small repair totaling $550. Additionally, this Contractor is very informative on the details of what is required to complete the job and provide before and after pictures to visually show what was done to the roof.  Getting that second opinion not only saved you $5150 in unnecessary costs but it also provides you peace of mind in knowing exactly what you are paying for.  At Peak Roofing and Siding we always provide as much information to our loyal customers including “before and after pictures” to help you feel more comfortable about the money that is being spent.  Encouraging our customers to get a second opinion may sound counter intuitive for our business, but this level of trust is why our loyal customers continue to choose Peak Roofing. This level of trust builds long term loyalty and that is what makes Peak Roofing and Siding a sure choice for all of your Philadelphia Tri-State Area Roofing & Siding needs. 

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