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How to use the internet as a tool to find the best overall Roofing & Siding Prices!


What do we look for when choosing a Philadelphia Roofing Contractor?  Are we looking for a top quality roofing company? Are we looking for the best prices when choosing a roofing contractor?  Are we looking for reliability when choosing a Philadelphia roofing contractor? Or are we looking for combination of all three?  Chances are you want all three.  This is the first article of a three part series to teach consumers how to find the best overall Roofing and Siding contractors.  In this article we are going to discuss how to find the best price when choosing a Roofing contractor.  These tools can save you a lot of money when used properly.   

The first piece of advice when choosing a roofing contractor is to shop around for at least 3 separate roofing and siding estimates.  Roofing Companies usually provide free estimates so that should be relatively easy (click here to read about getting multiple roofing estimates). This is the easiest way to compare multiple prices. Step two in finding the best roofing and siding prices is being prepared by researching the average market prices for similar services.  This is easier than you would think and below are 2 resources that make this as easy as pie.   The first resource to use to find the best overall price is to use HomeAdvisors “True Cost Guide” click here.  This guide will give you national and local cost averages for similar services.  True cost guide will provide an easy to read graph showing the low, high, and average costs that homeowners have paid for similar Roofing services in your area.   Obviously there are a lot of factors that can effect this price such as Roof Size, Roof Pitch (incline of roof), materials used, Number of layers, Code requirements, and number of roof adornments such as skylights but having this information on hand really gives you the upper hand on finding the best Roofing and Siding prices in the Philadelphia area.  Another resource to use is click here.  RoofCalc is similar to HomeAdvisor’s “True cost guide” however Roof Calc also takes into consideration some of the others factors such as Roof Size, Slope, Complexity, Layer Tear-off, & Roofing Material. Follow these steps and you will be on your way to Great Roofing & Siding Prices Guaranteed.    

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